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Stick Duel: The War
Stick Duel: The War

Stick Duel: The War

Stick Duel: The War is a stickman game. You will control your character's shooting, fighting with all enemies who are intending to harm you.

You have the option of competing against the game's built-in AI or another real-life player when you play in "2 player" mode. After a total of five rounds, the winner of the game will be determined by who has amassed the most points. The brand-new game contains gameplay principles, weaponry, and environments that are wholly unique from one another. the visual qualities of twenty maps that couldn't be more varied. Keep your distance from the traps as well as the pools of fire. conducting research into the positives and negatives of using different kinds of weapons.

  • Player 1: use arrow key to move. Press L to attack
  • Player 2: Use W,A,S,D to move and click F to attck
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