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Red and Green 6 Color Rain
Red and Green 6 Color Rain

Red and Green 6 Color Rain

Red and Green 6 Color Rain challenges your logic and analytical thinking abilities. Let's play to face all the difficult challenges.

Red and blue bricks are displayed on the screen while playing the game. These bricks need to be arranged so that each red brick covers each blue brick. The difficulty comes from the fact that you can only move one vertical column or one horizontal row at a time; you are unable to jump over the empty boxes that separate them. You must be able to identify and execute the right movements in order to complete each level. The game will provide you with hours of entertaining and thought-provoking fun with its vast range of levels, from easy to difficult. Now play Red and Green 6 Color Rain to show off your knowledge and thinking skills!

  • To play the game, you just need to use the arrow keys or touch the empty boxes on the screen to move the bricks. 
  • Be careful and think carefully before making a decision, because making a mistake can cause you to start over.

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