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Butterfly Connect
Butterfly Connect

Butterfly Connect

Butterfly Connect is a tile-matching game that features butterfly themes. In this game, you have to connect two identical wings together to complete various butterfly types. Butterfly Connect definitely reminds you of the legendary game - Pikachu. These two games have the same core gameplay. In this variation, you have to find the wings that belong to the same butterfly species and join them together to make them fly away. A line connecting two wings must have no more than three bends. After completing a level, you will earn coins, which can be used to buy new wings and themes.


Butterfly Connect offers some help to help you win the hard levels. You can use hints that show you the position of the pairs, or you can shuffle the butterflies to give you a different view. In addition, you can freeze the time to have more time to think before making a move. You should consider using help because it is limited.

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