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Cute Cat Town
Cute Cat Town

Cute Cat Town

Cute Cat Town is a city-building and management simulation game with cute cats. Let's become the leaders of a town where cats need help.

A social networking feature is also incorporated into the game, allowing you to communicate with and make friends with other players. It is possible to create a community that is friendly to newcomers and bustling with activity by going to the homes of other gamers and decorating them. In Cute Cat Town, a game with gorgeous visuals, stunning sound effects, and uncomplicated gameplay that is still highly addictive, you get to experience the thrill of taking care of and building a charming cat town. Get started right away on your path to becoming an experienced city manager by Kitty!

  • Just click the screen with your mouse to speed things up.
  • The cats can be made faster by purchasing an upgrade from the shop.

You can play Spacebar Clicker and  Cookie Clicker Climate Change game to have fun

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