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You Hit Me!
You Hit Me!

You Hit Me!

You Hit Me! includes 50 levels in which you have to win to unlock new skin packs. In the game, you have to carry out different missions required to unlock more new characters and five skin packs, which are Glory, Hero, Wolf, Bull, and Brave.


The game provides you with a maximum of 10 hearts during the whole process of playing. Before you enter each level, there will be some tips you can follow to win that level. Tap the spacebar, the up arrow or click on the character symbols on the screen to change your roles. Each role has specific weapons. Click on the small box containing weapons on the screen to use them. Use the left and right arrows to move sideways. After you do different tasks at different levels, you will get a reward, which is a new skin for your previous characters. New characters will appear when you finish random levels of the game. 

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