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Winx Club Baby Adventure
Winx Club Baby Adventure

Winx Club Baby Adventure

Explore the Winx Club Baby Adventure many portals. You must see our Winx Fairies in action to truly appreciate their adorableness as newborns. Your goal is to run the longest distance possible on a four-lane track. You won't be impeded by any sheep or bushes, so there is no time limit. You should quickly change lanes as soon as you see these obstacles or diamonds. To collect as many diamonds as possible, you must sprint through them. You will not succeed if you run into sheep or fences. Your progress will be indicated by the number of stars that indicate your steps. You may unlock new characters and improve your abilities by purchasing diamonds. Check out the achievements area to see all the achievements you have made in the game.


You can click on the left or right side of the screen or use the arrow keys to change lanes and move through the running track.

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