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Thief Puzzle Online
Thief Puzzle Online

Thief Puzzle Online

Thief Puzzle Online is a hilarious game where you play as a cunning thief trying to steal the needed objects without being caught by the police. It is not easy to be a thief. You have to reach your arm far enough to reach the objects that help you escape. You don’t have lots of time to get the object. There is a countdown timer in the right corner of the screen. So you have to hurry up before the police turn their heads and you go back to your cell. 

Thief Puzzle Online features a variety of tricky levels that compromise to provide endless content to explore. It is easy to guide through each level because the controls are easy to understand. This improves the overall game experience. Also, the lively animations add more fun to the game.

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To get objects, drag your hand to its position by pressing the left mouse button and moving the mouse. Remember to take action quickly because the time that the policeman does not pay attention is so short. It is also important to plan how to navigate your arm through obstacles without getting stuck.

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