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Monster Egg Brawl
Monster Egg Brawl

Monster Egg Brawl

Monster Egg Brawl is a fun action game. Let's control a monster from inside the egg and fight against other opponents to win.

Here's an exciting simulation game that puts you right in the thick of fierce character battle! Combine heroes of like levels to create formidable beasts that will rule the battlefield with the power of fusion. Set off on an adventure to collect rare stars and unlock the door to unimaginable power. Maintain vigilance and dodge the barrage of opponent attacks to make it to the end of the time restriction and achieve greatness. Get set to go on a heroic adventure, the outcome of which will depend on your cunning and forethought. Embrace the terrifying yet exhilarating challenge that is Monster Mode.


Before starting, you will be asked to choose a character from the list of available heroes. Each character has its own skills and abilities, so consider carefully before deciding.

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