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Heist Defender

Heist Defender

Heist Defender is a fast-paced tower defense game in which you play as a lone defender against waves of criminals trying to rob your bank.

Put turrets where the criminals have gone. You can customize the damage, range, and speed of each turret to suit your needs. To stop the thieves from getting to your vault, you'll need to construct and improve fortifications, use special skills, and keep track of your resources. To incapacitate or impede the criminals' advancement, use special skills such as freezing, delaying, or bombing. Gain gold from vanquished criminals and spend it on better defenses and more turrets. Keep your vault from getting completely destroyed in this game. Destroying the vault will result in a game loss. A fresh and increasingly challenging challenge awaits you at every level. As you progress through the game, you'll collect experience points that may be used to unlock more powerful turrets and abilities.

  • Upgrade turrets strategically to focus on either damage, range, or speed.
  • Use special abilities wisely to slow down or weaken the strongest criminals.
  • Manage your resources efficiently to ensure you have enough gold for key upgrades.

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