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Cooking Mania Express

Cooking Mania Express

Cooking Mania Express is a cooking, management game where you are the owner of your restaurant business. As an owner, you have to make dishes and drinks in a limited time to serve your customers, earn coins, and watch your business grow. 

The game has two modes: missions and quick matches. In the first mode, you just have a few customers to serve at the beginning. The number of customers and their orders will increase as you progress. In the last game, you must work hard and serve as many customers as possible to earn a decent amount. To make dishes, you need to drag and drop ingredients in the right order on the table. Each customer has a patience meter above their head that shows how long they will have to wait for their order. Once a customer becomes impatient with waiting, you can give them salad. 

Once you earn enough coins, you can use them to buy chairs, jukeboxes, flowers, and salad. These things make your customers stay with you longer, so you have more time to complete their orders. Each time you throw away your food, you will lose money. So try to make the correct orders to not be a penniless owner. 


Depending on your performance, you can earn the corresponding number of stars. So try to serve your customers quickly to make them happy, and you will earn more coins.

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