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Christmas Night of Horror

Christmas Night of Horror

Christmas Night of Horror is a first-person horror shooting game. You will need to battle various creatures and serial killers from other games. offers this game online for free. Are you afraid of Jeff the Killer or Slenderman? Or Siren Head? This Christmas horror game is for you.

You can choose from several game modes where you can play as Santa to gather presents in a beautiful country filled with not-so–beautiful people. Or, just rescue Santa from the evil bastards. Santa is armed with a range of weapons, including pistols and grenades, knives, and chainsaws. Enjoy Christmas Night Of Horror.

  • WASD = move,
  • Mouse = aim / shoot
  • F = grab / interact
  • Shift = run
  • Space = jump
  • G = grenades
  • 1-6 = weapons
  • T = adrenaline mode
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